Resources to writing authentic tasks (February 11-17)


Here areĀ  resources for writing authentic performance tasks:

Characteristics of Authentic performance Tasks

Designing Tasks and the GRASPS model

What is a Performance Task? – with Examples

More Examples of Performance Tasks


January 23-27: Resources and Materials


Here are your reading materials for this week. We will use them for the activities, both group and individual.

Why use Authentic Assessment?

How do you use Authentic Assessment?

What are Standards?

What are Elements of AA?

Authentic Assessment in Action

Aligning tasks with assessment (video)

Characteristics of AA

NEW! Performance-based Assessment

NEW! Process- and Product-oriented Performance-based Assessment

Here are videos to supplement the reading materials




Checklist for your Authentic Performance Task and Outcomes

Here is the checklist to check your authentic performance task against:

1. Contain 3 of the GRASPS.
2. Alignment and relevance to the outcome
3. Brief, direct to the point, concise and clear.
4. Product and performance are stated and are appropriate for the Learner.
5. Learning outcomes are HOTS & SMART.
6. They should be fun, creative and engaging.
7. My task is of real world setting.